Opening times: Monday to Friday 10:00am to 8:00pm - last session 7:00pm each day. Saturday appointments available upon request.

About the Practice location and Counselling.

The practice is situated in a quiet rural location away from busy every day life, and the counselling room is a totally confidential space. If you decide you would like a consultation we will meet on an informal basis where I will tell you a little about how I work and you can tell me what it is you feel you would like counselling for. There is no obligation to continue into counselling if you don't want to.

I work to full one hour sessions and counselling usually starts with weekly sessions to gain momentum into working towards your aim. You would have told me what it is you wish to gain from counselling and it's my role to remain focused on this target. Counselling can be both short or long processes, depending on the issue and your approach to counselling and it is my aim to build a trusting, safe and comfortable environment for you to be able to reach your goal.

How I work with you:

Humanistic Counsellors work with the authentic and unique person you were born as. The part of you that often gets lost as life continues down its many roads, with all the twists and turns life provides.

Some people come for Counselling because they are struggling to come to terms with a life event, anxiety, depression, some for addictions, for changing habits and others because they feel a bit lost and its freaking them out. What ever you come to Counselling for it’s usually because your searching for change and becoming happier. Its natural to feel you want to change, in the Counselling world it’s called Self-actualisation.

My role is to support you as you explore the things that have happened in you’re life in a safe and grounded way. There will be events, decisions and times that you regret, are ashamed of, are proud of and new things you want to achieve and change. The unique you who arrived into the world has layers and layers of experiences which affect you in both good and bad ways. Through my training and understanding of becoming real, authentic and content I can aid you with Counselling for you to achieve what it is you are looking for.